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  1. Hello Susan! Here is the one thing I have learned: Be patient! All of this takes time and sometimes I get frustrated. When that happens, I reach out to someone I know. To keep me moving I started listening to podcasts. Some are really good, others not so much lol Music is great but I need to change it up so the podcasts are nice. I won’t let myself make excuses. There are days I want to sleep in but I literally say outloud “get yer butt out of bed. It’s only a half hour”. Of course some days are longer but in general 30 minutes of hard work is sufficient. 

    If you need to vent, or talk or want a little motivation it helps to be accountable to someone else. You know what you need to do, but talking to someone else helps! You can always hit me up here or send me a direct message! Hang in there, you CAN do this!

  2. Still here and still training. For the most part I have been keeping up with my schedule. It has been a journey. Still keeping my sites on running an entire 5K and I believe I'm on track. I don't get here on the forum quite as much. The weather here has warmed up and that means doing things that have taken a backseat during the winter. Camping, backpacking and motorcycle riding... I'll keep checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. Just a little more lurking than posting going on these days. The turnover on the board seems to fit in with people completing the program, and this makes sense to me. You can always give me a nudge or message me through the forum.

    Best of luck to everyone and remember... a mile is a mile, no matter how many minutes it takes to finish! ;)

  3. On 4/16/2019 at 1:38 PM, Tisrebecca said:

    I need some advice! I need to find shorts to run in that don’t ride up every 2 steps. I have thick thighs and a big butt (lol) from riding horses my entire life and it’s near impossible to find a pair of shorts that fit. I found a pair is Nike’s that I love but haven’t been able to find them again. Any info would be very helpful!! 

    You can always get a pair of biking shorts. They are a little longer and if you get the ones with spandex in them, they fit nice and snug and won't ride up.

  4. 43 minutes ago, Silver Pie said:

     I think I'll be like your relative, CleBkPkr, and take at least a year before I'm an actual runner. And like him, I intend to keep going until I can actually run and do it well - even if it takes me two or three years.

    I know it will take me some time as well. My goal for a full out 5K run is Thanksgiving Day in the annual "Turkey Trot". That will be the 1 year mark from when I first participated in a 5K

  5. That’s exactly it to Silver. Tim, my cousin’s son who is my inspiration told me it took him a year to be able to run and now? That kid is incredible. Lost 100 pounds and man can he run! There was a weekend run with 2 groupings. A 5 mile and a 2 mile. He registered for both lol He was running with a race bib pinned to each of his thighs :lol:

  6. Hello and welcome aboard! In general, the app is meant for 3 days a week, off days in between and 1 rest day. Everyone seems to find their own rhythm as they progress. I use a treadmill daily and if it ever really gets warm here I am outside on the c25k days. Good luck and keep moving!! You can do this.

  7. After my 5k on St. Patrick's Day I decided to sign up for another one. I'm working on being able to actually run the entire 5K on Thanksgiving this year. I have a couple months to go until the next one and am hoping I can make some improvements. Signing up for another race hopefully will help keep my motivation moving forward!

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