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  1. Just so it is clear, this is the post I am asking the question to.
  2. Are you doing a keto diet?
  3. I would say it's probably just a workout tracker. I have c25k and that's all that it does.
  4. It doesn't snow here very much, but this morning it was snowing. Some of the posts here from people who live in cold areas gave me encouragement to go out without hesitation. My feet got very wet but it was a great run! That's a palm tree in the foreground. Palm trees don't grow here naturally. It's a little bit too cold for them in the winter at night, but they don't seem to die very often from the cold.
  5. Silver Pie

    Serious Push-up Question for Zen lab app

    Between sets I stand up to rest. I'm not using the app, though. I'm doing push-ups on my own and do three sets of however many reps I'm capable of.
  6. Silver Pie

    C25k/10K apps and phone calls

    Turning your ringer/notifications off might help or you could snooze notifications. I think different phones might call the snooze function different things, like "do not disturb". It shouldn't be too hard to find that option on your phone.
  7. Silver Pie

    Running Belt

    Thank you so much. I'll check into it.
  8. Silver Pie

    What shoes do you wear?

    I have been wearing minimalist (i.e. "barefoot") shoes the last few years. I opted to use my Sockwas for running when I started running last month. They work great for me, but they do have a thin sole and I can feel some rocks if I step on them when I'm running. A regular running shoe would not work for me because of the slight lift in the heel they all have, plus they would feel like they were squishing my toes. I would be a barefoot runner if my feet were a little tougher.
  9. Silver Pie

    Doesn't post to my fitness pal

    The best way to get a reply is to open the app and go to feedback. Click on that and it will open so you can send an email to the company. I have found that technical help comes that way and not through this forum.
  10. Silver Pie

    Change days

    You could do three runs, and then do your third day over again. That would delete the information for that day, so you might want to keep track of your runs on paper or in another app.
  11. Silver Pie

    Not hungry..

    I, also, am not hungry after working out. I think it's because the workout, whether exercising or running, causes some kind of hormones to go into the blood. I've been trying to do intermittent fasting, so this works quite well for me. On days I run I do drink coffee with zero carb almond creamer. Since this is an old post, you have probably figured things out, but I think having an intermittent fasting schedule might be a good idea. That way you can set a time to eat and a time to stop eating each day. Reddit has some good information on intermittent fasting.
  12. Silver Pie


    You have to buy it to see your progress.
  13. Silver Pie

    Annoying keyboard clicks

    Maybe it's something you need to change in your phone.
  14. Silver Pie

    Week 5, Day 3 - WTF!!!

    Thanks, Megblue. You give me hope.
  15. Silver Pie

    Starting running in your 60's

    You are absolutely not silly! You can do this.
  16. Silver Pie

    WorthIt4Life Mj

    That's awesome! You can do this.
  17. Silver Pie


    When I was researching how to use the playlist, the app said that it wouldn't work with Google Play. I had to find the music app on my phone that was not Google Play. I made a playlist through that app and the voice on C25k that tells me when to run and walk and so forth play just fine with it. I hope that helps.
  18. Silver Pie

    Running Route

    I just checked. My phone has the latest update. And, like I said, I paid for the app. I don't know why it's different (I turn GPS on just before every run). I hope you are able to access the maps again.
  19. Silver Pie

    Running Route

    That's interesting. I've never seen that on my app. Maybe I should see if mine needs updating, or maybe it's because I have a different phone. I'm glad it shows you the map.
  20. Silver Pie

    What to do? Race in May and want to start now...

    You could always start with week 9 and if it's too much for you, you could go down a week, or if it is too easy for you, you could go up a week.
  21. Silver Pie

    Running Route

    I have C25k and it never shows me a map (I have the paid version, too). However pressing on a day that I have already run, I can see the distance and calories for that day.
  22. Silver Pie

    50 yr old electronics junky couch potato.

    From what I've studied, it would probably be good to do push-ups, squats, and sit-ups on days you don't run. And you should definitely take at least one day a week off for your body to recuperate. It is also recommended to walk on the days you don't run. Best of luck to you. Sounds like you've got great goals!
  23. Silver Pie

    Why are you running?

    <3 That is a horrendous thing to deal with. Hugs and best wishes.
  24. Silver Pie

    Question about the 13.1 app

    Whatever speed you're comfortable with. You should probably push yourself a little but not so much that it hurts you. On some days you may find you can go faster, and on other days you may find you have to go at a slower pace.
  25. Silver Pie

    Very important question about app

    Since the phone keeps track of your run via the app on it (and in my experience, with the GPS turned on) I would say if you don't have access to your phone, there's no way it can record your run.