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    Angedy got a reaction from Weezie in My lazy a$$!   
    I had to Google it never heard of it, it does sound good. Glad your feeling a bit better. 
    My run this morning was good. Tomorrow morning will be week two run two. 
    You enjoy your next run, just take it as it comes. Good luck 
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    Angedy got a reaction from Weezie in My lazy a$$!   
    You are not giving up, just having a wee rest, once u feel better start again, but try not to give yourself a hard time, you will get there. Hope you feel better soon. 
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    Angedy reacted to Maulik in Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K   
    Today i completed 30mins  jogging. The pace is still a bit slow. I could do 4kms in 30 mins. But still very much happy coz I couldnt even run 4 mins at start of the program. With balanced diet I also reaped sweet benefits of weight loss. Took me almost 12-14 weeks to reach 30mins. Although there have been some delays due to injury but I did not quit and hence completed it. Since my stamina was too less, alternate day jogging was not sufficient and so I used to jog daily(except Sunday) upto first 5 weeks. Also repeated the week wherever needed. Week 5 is toughest but remember not to quit and repeat if necessary. Every week seemed tough and hard to finish. But the thumb rule was not to quit and repeat until you finish a target week. Dont forget pre and post stretches at it helps prevent injury and helps in recovering. Take a break whenever legs are sore or in deep pain. 
    Best thing about the app is its breakdown to achieve the target. Must say its very skillfully developed. Thanks C25K :-) 
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