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  1. My advice also as a novice runner are to make sure you have good shoes. You don't want to injure yourself, have to take a break to heal, then never get started again (ask me how I know...).

    Congrats on completing Week 1!

  2. Hi All,

    New to ZenLabs, loving the ability to play music while I run. I probably could have with my old couch to 5k app, but never quite figured it out. :-) I haven't run in about a year, so it feels really good to be getting back into it. My running partner is my tripawd, Oreo, who is also out of shape. She used to be able to run a mile, then I'd push her in her buggy for the other two miles of a 5K, but now she does the warmup and 90 seconds of running and has to ride. Hopefully we'll both be in better shape soon! #BornToRun

    Wounded Warrior 5k.jpg

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