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    ghale reacted to mirko12 in It's my 4th or 5th ... start!   
    i am mirko
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    ghale got a reaction from Arcvandy in My goal for 2017   
    On Monday I've started week 6.
    I want to complete the 14 weeks then use my TomTom Runner to continue my workouts.
    My DESIRE (HOPE) is to lose my belly and avoid the "junk in the trunk".
    I'd like to be fitter for Christmas so I can wear something I've bought long time ago.
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    ghale reacted to Firdaous in W1D3 Done Feeling amazing   
    The first run W1D1 was kind of challenging, I was out of breath by the 4th out of 8 runs, I need to point out that I am 26, 54kg kind of fit but with no endurance whatsoever, I've tried various sports as well as running in the past few years but never stick with anything.
    Today I just finished my W1D3 and I feel amazing,
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    ghale reacted to Jmunkelt in Week 9   
    Just finished a 3 day streak 5k 6.3k and a 5k. Tired but ok. Thx zen for the app
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    ghale reacted to Arcvandy in Running to 40!   
    just finished W1D2. Ran outside today. In some ways it was much harder than the treadmill as I don't think I went as fast. But I definitely got a good workout because I am sweating! 
    8 weeks until I turn 40. Let's get a bit more fit for the big one! 
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