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    Amccarthy88 got a reaction from JudyB in Making a new goal for myself.   
    I've never been a runner. 
    But give me a challenge and I'll take it on. 
    I'm not totally out of shape so I'm hoping that helps me, but I'm the first to groan when we have to run sprints in class for our workout. 
    My best friend and I've been talking for awhile about taking up running because we're so terrible at it - to be able to run a 5k without wanting to die. 
    So that's our goal. We have a local color run/walk and today we start training for it, putting our feet where our words are. Now I'm looking forward to having this under my belt. 
    A year ago (mothers day) I did my first 5k fun run/walk and I walked the entire time, pushing my kids in the stroller. 
    This year I'm going to run it. 
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