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  1. I finished W5D3 yesterday and I ran slowly but I didn't stop during the 20 minutes of running.


    I too am carrying a bunch of extra weight, so I understand how you feel. Find a good pace that keeps you challenged but won't cause injuries.


    It does get a bit easier each time and repeating something is totally fine as long as you're not letting it stop you from moving on to the next week. I will be repeating W5D3 because I want to see if I can improve my pace and run farther.


    Keep it up and it will start to get easier!

  2. I agree with torus_ot.


    I used to have the same problem, I was embarrassed how the excess weight jiggled every time I walked or ran on the treadmill and ashamed that I had let myself get to that point...until one day I realized that everyone has to start somewhere and who cares how I look.


    As long as you are making an effort to make yourself healthy and feel better about yourself that's all that matters!


    Try jogging on a trail that is popular with other runners so you're not alone, but have the shelter of trees to make you not so scared of running in public. That's how I started running in public and got over my fear.


    Keep us posted on how you do!

  3. I find that I am motivated in the mornings so I just suck it up and run despite the weather. So rather than let the temperature give that "dreading" feeling, think of how you feel after your run :)


    As for feeling embarrassed about running in public, I was the the same way. I realized that people can think whatever they want, I'm out running trying to get fit and healthy, what are they doing? Now, I occasionally experience the "I must look pathetic" when I see people running long distances with so much ease. But then I shake my head and remember that they had to start somewhere just like me.


    Happy running everyone :)

  4. I bought my shoes last summer after I got injured from running in crappy shoes. However I hopped back on the lazy train after the injury and have only worn them off and on trying to get my motivation back. Well the motivation is back, but I am noticing that my right ankle gets really tight while running (on w2d2) and I am trying to figure out if the shoes are worn out or the insoles have lost their cushion. I try stretching my ankle during the workout, but it only lasts until I start running again.


    Has anyone only replaced the insoles or should I buy new shoes.


    Thanks :)

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