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    Dess01 got a reaction from Lilvick83 in Hello - from someone who hates running!   
    Hi Rachel,
    I swear I was just about to open a new topic to write about this, but when I saw your post I've decided to reply to you to motivate you.
    I am now at week 4 day 2. During the first three weeks of the program, I needed to literally drag myself off the couch to do it.
    I hated it! I was constantly thinking, what are to other people talking about....? How was it possible that so many people enjoy this...? They must be crazy or something.
    But as a competitive person that I am, I was determined to finish it (mainly to show my husband that I wont quit this one too ).
    But please hold on Rachel for at least a couple of weeks more. Because now I LOVE IT!!!!! I seriously cannot wait to get out of work to do my run.
    Trust me on this: It is going to become addictive!!! .
    Keep it up and let us know how you are doing.
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    Dess01 reacted to KellyAnn in Overweight female wondering if this is good for me?   
    HEYYYYY  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,                    Nancerz and welcome on the Forums...
    This program is not too ambitious for you at all how bad do you want it?  Bad , Right?  Like Azatol says, it is not easy, you have to fight for it and YOU CAN DO IT!  Al of us are here.
    Do not worry if you cant run out of the gate, walk, then get faster little by little, cant run for a minute?, now worries at all, You are lapping anyone sitting there.  Like today, it is raining out, so I am just finished jogging around my house, poof, 1000 steps in, and I am not done yet.  I will do pushups, squats, jacks, jog, all in my house.  
    I am so proud of you for beginning and we are all here cheering you on,  YOU TOO KBOCK!   
    If We can answer any questions for you, please ask..  
    HUGS TO YOU and get out there!
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