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  1. As a man who has been married for 17 years, I tell you that your soon to be husband loves you for who you are, as you are. So he would already think you are the most beautiful bride to be that there is!


    But I hear you. Do this for you. One step at a time. Nothing lasts forever, right?

  2. Ciao!


    I'm an American who sold everything to travel the world, and after a year of restaurants around the globe, I felt it was time to start running.

    That and I listened to a podcast episode of On Being with Krista Tippet that talked all about runners and running and how they came to love running, and what they get out of it. It was really interesting.

    They spoke of how anything can be accomplished if taken in small increments, which is how I came to look up "best running apps for people who hate to run" or something like that. 


    My timing could be better - it's really mountainous up here, and there are no flat runs. The majority of my run, well, all of it but one part, was uphill.


    But hey, I'm fit, right? I can do this!


    (day one high talking here)


    Best from Vermiglio, Italy

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