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    Thank you!
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    I'm new to this hope this helps me get used to running joining the army next year
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    Looking for some healthy competition with fit bit
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    Kimmiellison@yahoo.com I'm trying to get my steps in daily but need friends to push me more.
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    Did my first run today. Tired but looking forward to the next one. I'm confident that this could work.
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    I'm looking for some accountability friends!
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    This is the second time i've done C25K. Both times i've accelerated it.Last time I did.it outside Dec to Feb in South Texas and ran 3 days and took 1 day off.This time I am running on a treadmill... Much too hot to run outside I run 6 days a week, currently on week 6 day 2 and very mindful of aches and pains.I resistance train to try to avoid injury. I broke.my talus.in 2013so being.very.careful and.going very slow. I'm 51 I walk.at 2.6 mph and run at 3.2 (snailpace) but I reach peak heart rate at that speed and it's a tough work out, but.not reinjuring my foot is the priority I dont feel the need to go faster right now
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    I am just starting to use this app today and would love some new Fitbit friends to keep me accountable. My email to the account is tracyroe27@yahoo.com
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    Maybe silly ?.. I can't seem to get back to the training part of the app- I'm stuck in the forums. I click on home and go back to home page of forums! Just finished W1D1....
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