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  1. First day of week 6 down and it was still hard going but I did a 15k hike yesterday so will blame it on that! You're so right, once ya keep telling yourself ya managed 20 minutes non stop last week, 8 minutes seems like nothing! Have a great week guys!

  2. Thanks guys! Well I just did week 3 day 1 and I kept going! My distance wasn't as far as last week but I didn't stop jogging, although I was slower. Would never have thought 3 weeks ago that I'd be able to jog for 1 minute, let alone 3!

    Thanks for the advice Az - I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other and then the time was up before I knew it.

    Well done everybody! !

  3. Hi guys!

    I'm on day 2, only started but feeling motivated! I turn 30 this year so want to start as I mean to go on!

    Have never ran in my life - I'm a good walker but really want to up my fitness and lose some weight. Hopefully the running will get easier as the weight comes off!

    Best of luck to everyone! It's great that we can encourage and motivate each other here!

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