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  1. Each week you will see that you can increase the amount you are running. Just keep with it! Don't give up if it is hard! Just repeat a day! I have lost about twenty-five pounds so far. And I am on the 7th week!

  2. Hey Jessie! Great job on starting this! I am in week 7 now! It is a great program! I don't know what kind of shape you are in. However, I know it can be difficult to go through this sometimes. Just keep with it and concentrate on pace. It will get easier during the week and keep with the program ( run three times a week)!

  3. The people I was running with were way more fit. But they encouraged me when I would slow down a bunch. I think I made it about two miles but not sure. I was not sore! Just getting out of breath near the end. I felt like I could keep walking a bunch after!

  4. Hey I am now on week 4 day 3! I started at 320 pounds and have lost 16 pounds with this program and slight change in my diet. I have given up soda and only drink water! It is tough looking ahead to what is to come. But so far I have reached each goal. I believe I can do this and that anyone else trying to do this can as well!

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