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    velvetelvis got a reaction from Perron in C25K and Map my Run (or something similar)   
    if you can, a gps watch is really helpful.  this is the only problem i have with the c25k app is, it doesnt use gps to keep mileage and/or route.  i use a polar m400.  i got it on sale and love it.  garmin has some good ones also
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    velvetelvis reacted to dhoelzer in c25k - wanting to do more? Alternating days...   
    I've successfully gotten myself into week 4 of c25k even though I am a 46 year old absolute beginning runner... I've *always* hated running, though I had previously only done it on a track or on a treadmill and was bored out of my mind.  I do have a question though.
    At my best I'm currently able to do a 7:30 - 8:00 mile pace for about 3 minutes, but I can sustain a 10:00 pace or so for an entire running "rep" in the c25k program.  I've really been wanting more and feeling like I have the energy to do more.  No soreness or pain -at all- at any time up to week four...
    Today (a rest day) I was really feeling like I wanted to run so I ran the week 2 program as an off day and plan to resume week 4 day 2 tomorrow.
    Is this a really bad, hazardous awful idea??  I'm not trying to compress the 9 weeks, I just want to do *something* running related on the off days.
    Thoughts?  Opinions?
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