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  1. I am getting so super excited to run 5k!! Tomorrow is w7d3 for me. I am so excited I want to run everyday so I can do it faster. Lol, but of course, I won't. I'll take my rest days and kill the 5K!! (I hope) Who else is on week 7? I know azatol is. I'd love to hear everyone's stories!!

    A cold front has moved in this week, but I am determined to finish this outside. I have never run inside yet. -6 tomorrow and -11 on Thurs. I may experience those frozen eyelashes yet!

  2. WOW is the first thing that pops in my head!!

    2nd- love your name!!

    3rd- zombie apocalypse! Lol when I started this ( I am on w7d3 now) I actually thought to myself, if there were a zombie apocalypse right now, I would be zombie food.

    4th- you are strong! You CAN do this! Look at what you have gone through! YOU are the only person that can stop YOU from succeeding.

    5th- I am sooo looking forward to your success stories!! Run on honey badger!!

  3. Hi.

    I asked my husband to video me running. So I could see what it is I am doing to make my hip hurt. I went to our local high school and ran the track. I turn my leg out. The longer I run, the more it turned out until I was eventually limping. That was 3 runs ago. I have since focused on keeping my leg in proper position and running slower. I still have some pain, but it is so much better than it was.

  4. I am also a beginner. Before this app I never, ever thought I could be a runner! I never buy anything until I am sure it is something I will continue to do. So... I just wear what I have. Sweatpants. If it's super cold, I wear leggings under them. I wear my old winter coat (so I dont sweat up my regular one) and again if it's reall cold, I wear a hoody under it. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I am uncomfortably sweaty, and it's hard to run with a winter coat in your hands. That being said, just try out what you do have. And wear a hat!! I also have slip on grippers for my shoes if it's slippery or snowy out. :) good luck!! You will find what works for you!!

  5. I am at w6d3. I have been for a while. I have been repeating day2 to keep up, but just can't seem to get day 3 in. I am having trouble with breathing when it is cold out. Especially when it is windy. I was going to attempt w6d3 again today, but woke up to 40 km/h winds and -3 temp. I don't want to say I'm a fair weather runner because I have done it. It's just very very difficult. Does anyone have any advice? How to do you run in the cold/ wind?

  6. Hi everyone.

    I just discovered the forums today. I have been doing the c25k and heard about the c210k, so I've switched up. I ran W6D3 today. Well, I should say ran/ walked it. I have had pain in my hips since w1d1. Usually after a day of rest I am good to go, but right after running I am in pain again. Tonight, I couldn't continue. I took a 1 minute walk break and tried to run again, but after a few minutes it was too much. I am disappointed. I never ever thought I'd love running, but I do. I plan on seeing my Dr about the pain, but was wondering if anyone else is/has experienced this. Advice? Thanks and I look forward to reading the forums!!

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