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    hi all!
    I've been finally sticking to c25k this time round and just finished week 7 today. I have some knee issues and have had to battle shin splints on several occasions throughout.
    I was wondering if I'm trying to prep for a 10k that's in April (I'm setting a stretch goal of completing in under an hour - was 1 hr 36 last year with no training).
    Im just curious if it's better to continue the program and move to the 10 k potion once I'm done the 5k and continue to increase time running and distance, or if I should repeat the longer run days at the end of this one until I can actually hit 5 k in the allotted time.
    Week 7 I'm averaging 1.87 miles a day which isn't too close to what it should be for 25 min jogging and 10 min walking. I usually jog at about 3.4 on the treadmill.
    Any advice is appreciated
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