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    dhagen02 got a reaction from Jdo in Anyone with a nutribullet?   
    Vitamix here.  Had several Nutribullets and they either broke or did not blend well.  Figured no reason to waste money on another one and have not looked back.  I do a green smoothie in the morning pretty much every morning.
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    dhagen02 got a reaction from blayne in I want to quit.   
    On W3D1 but after being down a week with a migraine and making a mistake yesterday in the program(somehow was on W5D1 yikes), I am going to try to do W3D1 today which is what I should have done yesterday.  LOL  I am having a little self doubt that I will be ready for the 5k on May 1st but I assume that is normal.  Little hard on myself but migraine meds pretty much knock me out and I cannot risk doing anything on those days.
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    dhagen02 reacted to Azatol in Blisters   
    You might want to try better securing your shoes with a heel lock

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    dhagen02 reacted to Mrshilarious in Getting over my fears...   
    I ran early in the morning when I started running. There was a few people out so I didn't feel self conscience. Now I don't care who sees me because I'm in action, I'm taking care of myself and I feel great!
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    dhagen02 reacted to torus_ot in Getting over my fears...   
    You should be like a cat! Ignore everybody, do what you want. People in the gym do not care, why you shoud care about what everybody think. Do what is important to you!
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    dhagen02 reacted to Songbyrd_Kay in Anyone with a nutribullet?   
    No but I have a vitamix
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    dhagen02 got a reaction from torus_ot in Should I be inclined to Incline?   
    Wow, that is kind of rude to assume that you know what the roads and parks are in her area(not to mention country roads come with an entire host of other issues such as ranch dogs, tractor equipment, cattle crossings and if you have ever driven over a cattle crossing, then you would know that getting across one on foot can be a significant danger) and dismiss her concerns as "excuses". 
    My area is a highly trafficked area at all times of the day and night due to the fact that I am literally a block from the new highway and a highly busy residential area(my house was built in 1930, long before the highway arrived but now it makes my street a thoroughfare) and the parks here are filled with either early morning mommy & me playgroups or homeless people and transients(as the railroad tracks run right through my town also).  I would never presume that someone's concerns are irrelevant based on what my area is.  
    I run at the gym, on the treadmill and when the weather is decent, I run at the track outside at the gym or at the local high school.  Having suffered through several severe sprains on my left ankle, I am very conscious of the type of surface I run on and/or the detritus on the surface(lots of oak trees in my area, lots of oak balls, roots through sidewalks, leaves etc).  I have incorporated hikes(weather permitting) to get in my hill work even though I am not "running" them per se, I am at least getting the hill work in.  Good luck!  I am on Week 3 this week and have my first 5k scheduled for May 1st!
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    dhagen02 reacted to Azatol in Pigeon toed?   
    This^^^. You may be suprinating and thery have shoes jsut for that.
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    dhagen02 reacted to Anne Lang in Pigeon toed?   
    have you gone to a running store and had your self analyzed and properly fitted for a good pair of shoes
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    dhagen02 reacted to Ezzo in Should I be inclined to Incline?   
    I hear running outside is easier mentally, harder physically. I am still to do my first outside run. On the treadmill make sure you have at least a couple of degrees gradient (no wind resistance inside) and train at various gradients in one session. I set mine to do a "course" or "random gradient".
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    dhagen02 reacted to KellyAnn in Which side of the road?   
    I run like you do Mim in the country. I run facing traffic so they can see me.
    One time while running, i had my earbuds in and music blaring, man was I embarrassed to turn around and see them driving slowly because I did not hear them. Oops.
    Now i face traffic!!!! For my safety!!
    Happy Running!!
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    dhagen02 reacted to KellyAnn in Treadmill Speed   
    Lol Dhagen, im 5'2". Same legs. I run but im not fast. So i run alone, anyone taller just passes me by lol. But im good with that. Hee hee!!!
    Hey, we are moving.
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    dhagen02 reacted to KellyAnn in First 5k scheduled! So here I am!   
    Hi there and Welcome to you!!
    Thanks for sharing your story with ua. You will do great!!
    Keep us posted here. Happy Running!
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    dhagen02 reacted to djplong in Get your hands off that phone!   
    I found myself constantly checking my phone - certainly more than I would like.  I was especially guilty when I was upping the amount of running time.
    What worked for me might seem counter-intuitive.  I bought an Apple Watch last November.  I wanted to be able to start and stop sessions more easily, especially since I was going to be in races starting in January.
    Well, now that I've run the long runs, I find myself checking the watch less.  Of course, I have Runkeeper (and, before that I had MapMyRun+) giving me updates in my ear every half-mile.  Those updates seem to satisfy most of my "need to know" when I've been doing my 4/1 intervals these past couple of weeks (4:00 jogging, 1:00 walking).  When I was on the longer sessions or in a race, I didn't much care about checking the watch at all because of the half-mile updates.
    But I *will* say that, if it wasn't for the music, I don't know that I could do this.  Even now, when a song comes on, I might mentally think (if it's a long one) "Ok, this one is long enough that I'll get the break AND the whole next jog interval in it" or something like that.  Just the way my brain works, I guess.
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    dhagen02 reacted to torus_ot in Treadmill vs Outside   
    I recently completed the c25k program on the treadmill, but I am too total newbie at running.
    I started very slow: 2mph walking and 3.5 jogging. and gradually grow to 3.5 walking/5.8 running.
    In fact I got to 5.8 running just last week. I follow the app recommendation - run 3 days per week. Every other day I walk and do core strength exercises. When I fill good I am playing with incline on the treadmill - variations is a good prep for the outside running
    When the weather will get milder, I am planning to run outside. But most likely I will be bicycling...
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    dhagen02 reacted to Bonpurr in Treadmill Speed   
    I completed C25K outside this past summer and ran a 5K in the fall. I should mention I haven't run since I was about 8 years old and am now 59. I got a gym membership in the fall knowing I would not be out in the cold here in New Hampshire. I continued to walk/run on the treadmill but also tried out the bikes, arcs, elliptical and the strength training circuit. Very quickly I lost my endurance. For the new year I decided to start C25K again all on treadmill. I had no idea what speed I should obtain so I walked at 4.2 and ran at 6.5. It was killing me. I had a hard time running for 5 minutes. Then I noticed a man who was well over 6' tall running at 6.2. I am just under 5'3". I decided I was going too fast. I am now walking at 4 and running at 5.5. I was able to run 20 minutes. On day 3 of each week I add 3-4% incline. Not sure where I should be but I'm further then I was yesterday!
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    dhagen02 reacted to Psychswede in Treadmill Speed   
    I'm overweight..and 54..and havent run in 15 years.  I started Week 4, day one today.  I keep it at 3.5 for the walk and 4.5-7 for the run
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