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    TheAnon got a reaction from blayne in I want to quit.   
    I only have one more run until I graduate from C25K. Gonna start the 10k app next week and I'm very apprehensive. I have to say, however, that coming across this thread is helping me a lot. Sometimes I feel like quitting as well but having had the experience of having to do that and then starting over is enough to make me push through. Look at all the progresses you've made. You don't want to start over and face week 1 all over again. The only possible way is forward. I think you're doing awesome! Thank you so much for sharing how you're doing and for making me see the 10k app is not impossible to run even though it looks like a massive jump.
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    TheAnon got a reaction from AnnieJ8 in Week 4 trouble   
    Hi everyone.
    A few months ago I tried C25K and made it to week 7 with no problem. Unfortunately because I was finishing my master's I had no time to spare and ended up not finishing the program.
    I decided to try it again now that all of that is over.
    I'm sad to say I am stuck on week 4. I manage successfully to run the 3 minutes, the 5 minutes and, at a lot of cost, the second 3 minutes. I don't feel out of breath per se. I feel like I could finish but my legs hurt a lot by the time I finish the second 3 minutes. My calves feel incredibly hard and painful all the way down to my ankles. Today, for instance, I had to stop and focus on walking. I had to really think about every step I took to make sure I made it home. I was in so much pain, my legs felt like dead weights and if I didn't force myself to lock my knees with each step I am sure they would completely give out and I'd end up on the pavement.
    Anyone experienced something like this? The first time around it all went so smoothly this is very new and unexpected. I bought better sneakers and I drink plenty. The difference is because I was very sedentary for a long period of time in a row I'm heavier (not obese) but I'm eating healthier and counting my calories.
    So, any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. At this point I'm a little afraid of attempting running again because the pain is awful.
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