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    Jellybelly got a reaction from Tanutz in How to get back to app?   
    Just finished my 3rd day of week one but without being able to get on to the timer. Does anyone know how I can get out of the forum and on to the timer? Might be a complete duh moment but I ve tried everything I can think of??? TIA
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    Jellybelly got a reaction from Kat94 in Seated Cardio Workouts   
    Bumping for seated cardio workout as well. I was into week 3 and injured my knee. Have been resting it but trying to think of exercises I can do in the meantime, apart from strengthening my hips, thighs and gluteus maximums. Went Aqua running. People must have thought I looked weird doing it lol.
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    Jellybelly reacted to Speedingsloth in Fast food   
    Yes Free2bme, I have often thought about having junk food as a really good idea but it is often quite the opposite once I'm done and feeling sick in the stomach and regret. Not so much emotional eating but more of convenience. It's taken me a few rounds of sick stomach to learn my lesson.
    That's not to say that I have absolutely zero junk food in my diet, I just have them less and also weigh out by asking myself 'is it worth the calories?' In other words, is it yummy enough for me to burn my run, just being slightly more selective with being the 'empty calories' has helped. However, the Christmas eating has been challenging
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    Jellybelly got a reaction from torus_ot in Post your Workout for Today Here!   
    Week 2 day 2 found it a little harder today. I think my mood probably had something to do with it. But I am glad and proud of myself for getting out in the first place and trying.
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