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  1. Bumping for seated cardio workout as well. I was into week 3 and injured my knee. Have been resting it but trying to think of exercises I can do in the meantime, apart from strengthening my hips, thighs and gluteus maximums. Went Aqua running. People must have thought I looked weird doing it lol.

  2. I used to do juice detox and found a massive difference in how my body felt- in a good way. My gut felt light and clean. But having done quite a few now and despite feeling so good I no longer solely use juice (veg and fruit) but have it as a supplement. Instead I eat clean. I am vegan so it means I eat half raw half cooked especially since it is winter. My gut needs warming on cold days. So I eat things that have not been processed and drink lots of tisanes.

  3. Vegan here. Never worried about my protein intake. I try to eat beans, quinoa, tofu most days. It's eating enough good carbohydrates and getting lots of fibre that should be more important. It's easy to get carried away with thinking we need more protein than we actually need.

  4. From what I have read it's good to rest in between days to let your muscle fibres rebuild itself. This helps you to become stronger. What I plan to do is alternate days with running and then strength training and yoga to help stretch my muscles and also strengthen my legs. Today I have been feeling tetchy as I had a run yesterday and actually wanted to do more today. I don't want to over do it as I don't want to 'run' before I can walk, especially because I want to enjoy it and not burn myself out too quickly. Hope I make sense.

  5. Hello, complete newbie here to running. I promised myself that I will get fit and healthy so I am taking the plunge and signed up to a 10k run. I have always been terrible at running and have in the past steered away from it, but I really want to get in to it and start enjoying it. I did my 2nd day yesterday and starting to feel really good about it. I just hope that this will last.

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