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    Chi Gal got a reaction from Bstern in Running with water?   
    does anyone run with a water bottle? Or have some sort of contraption that straps one to you? Do people just run while holding it? There is a water fountain on the running path by my house, but it stopped working... Trying to figure out the logistics of staying hydrated on my runs!
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    Chi Gal got a reaction from Bstern in Running with water?   
    I actually just discovered a running belt that has 2 holders for water bottles, and a pocket for keys, phone, etc, but it's super light weight. I've used it 3 times so far, and it's pretty good! I wish the water bottles were bigger, but I'll work on that later.
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    Chi Gal got a reaction from Ezzo in Double runs   
    Congrats! I did W5D3 this morning - I was also surprised that I was able to do it! However, I could only make it 1.75 miles in 20 minutes, instead of the recommended 2 miles. How has your pace been?
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    Chi Gal reacted to Jeshi in Apps for tracking distance and speed   
    Hi, Carut, I use MapMyRun. It's free.
    I load c25k first and choose the day (I'm repeating sessions). Then, I load MapMyRun and tap start workout. I switch to c25k for the duration of the session and then go to MapMyRun to end the session. Works well for me.
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    Chi Gal reacted to Chi Gal in Your PUSH song(s)?   
    I'm a newbie (about to start this program!) but music seems to be the only thing that gets me amped up. Try these:
    "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae
    "25 miles" by Edwin Starr
    "You Wreck Me" by Tom Petty
    "B.O.B" by Outkast
    Yeah, I have a pretty eclectic taste enjoy!
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