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    No advice here , I am simply a newbie like you! I just started today and I can't wait for the next run! (Okay, so my running was closer to jogging or shuffling, but I'll get there!) I, too, have Achilles trouble and my plantar fasciitis took almost a year to resolve. Like you, my weight ballooned. So we're in this together! Stay strong and I will, too!
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    Xray Lady reacted to Speedingsloth in Motivation/accountability partners needed   
    Hi Shannon and Layla, keep us posted with your progress and also any challenges that you might face. There are plenty of experienced runners in this forum who have been and still are helping and encouraging me! We are here for each other!
    I've found the following helpful:
    Keep your phone in your pocket, don't look at the app at all for the duration of the whole run
    Have some great music going
    And remember to 'just keep running' and 'keep putting one foot in front of the other'
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    Xray Lady reacted to Breezee in Motivation/accountability partners needed   
    I am turning 45 in a few months - haven't run since high school and am loving this programme. One of the big things it has taught me is time. I now prioritise my running and look forward to it. As a busy homeschool mumma to nine kids, oldest with a disability, finding time was hard but now it is just part of my routine.
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