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  1. Hi all,

    I will start out by saying that I found the app for C25K first, then found this site. The app is still on my phone. But two months have gone by and I have not even looked at it. I honestly think I am afraid to even try it because I know I will fail. I know that is not the right mind set, but this is coming from a life-long fat kid who has grown into a fat adult. You experience a lot of this kind of thinking.


    I was very active as a kid, still overweight for my age, but I did softball, volleyball, golf, swimming, you name it, but but I was never good at running. At all. Ever.

    What really sucks is that I look back now and realize I wasn't THAT much overweight, but diets can really screw up a body, and a mind.


    As I got older I realized how much harder it was to lose weight and keep in shape. There was a period of about 5 years where I did lose weight and I kept active and kept it off. After a few life changes and family hardships, all the weight came back. And then some. 


    Later on, I got married, had a child, got divorced, and put more weight on. My son is now 10, I am 42 and I am at my highest weight I have ever been. I'm scared for my health, and I am scared I am not going to be around for my son. I know what I need to do, but I just can't seem to get out of this rut. A very deep hole in which I cant seem to climb out of.


    Please tell me some of you have been in my shoes. I need to find a way to pull myself out and use this dumb app! 


    Thanks in advance. 

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