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    CeCe reacted to Rob129 in Finished week 12   
    Finished week 12 with icing on the cake...hit 10K also. I'm pretty happy about this; I'm going to hang out at this distance for a few weeks until my muscles catch up.
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    CeCe reacted to Anne Lang in How do you get faster?   
    Im 51 and only on c25k week 6 Read some posts by Azatol i think he has posted on speed im going to finish c25k and then just keep trying to go faster
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    CeCe reacted to Anne Lang in Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!   
    im fine with my cheap rebocks. first time i put them on i didnt want to take them off. and i hate shoes
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    CeCe reacted to CeCe in 50 yo Grandma   
    Good morning! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US. I will be doing w4d2 tomorrow and am loving this program. I'm so shocked that I'm actually able to do it. I sit all day at my job, was diagnosed with high BP 2 years ago and have gained about 20 lbs in those last 2 yrs. My motivation is to get off BP medication! Losing weight will be the icing on the cake. I enjoy reading these forums and look forward to chatting/encouraging with all of you more. ~CeCe
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    CeCe reacted to Anne Lang in I must sign up for a fitness center/weight burning program?   
    i dont think so just go run
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