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  1. So, I've fallen off, the last time I trained properly was in January, doing week10 before travelling then falling quite ill for a few months and also a family emergency to cap it off. I'm now recovered, (thank God!!!) and am keen to get moving again. 


    I thought that I'd lost all fitness and maybe not, so I started back on W5 D3(since it is the mentally challenging run) and went for my first run in 3+ months last week and nearly passed out, a pretty funny sight, sitting on the sidewalk and little children walking past LOL! I laced up and tried again and completed W5D3 with a little air to spare. Didn't clock as well with the pace, but hey, I was glad to be moving. 


    I'm planning my next run tomorrow, and will be aiming for 25 minutes. A little apprehensive(and slightly unmotivated), but also excited! I'm in  need of some major bum kicking to make sure I'm kept accountable  :)

  2. Hi there, to use Spotify with the app, start your music on Spotify, exit the app and let it run in the background and then start the c25k app.


    Keep running and stick with this program for as long as you can! It works I promise! ◡̈

  3. Congratulations on making it all the way!! Sounds like you're doing really well! I'm definitely slower than you, I think it takes me a whole 40 minutes to do 5kms(I haven't measured accurately). However, I'm just incredibly excited by the fact that I'm able to run 30 whole minutes without stopping ◡̈


    Don't worry about your speed for you, you're building up endurance, and after week 8 you can work on your speed.

  4. Hi nuddle, great to hear that you're back on and loving it! As for sore knees, it can be an indication of a number of things, so it's probably best if you monitor it and work out what/when it hurts.


    I developed one sore knee the first time round, and this time I got proper shoes in accordance to my foot profile and that fixed my problem. Proper running shoes are an invaluable investment!


    I have read that varying the running surfaces is a good idea, pavement, road, grass Etc. But there are probably better informed runners on this forum to advise more on this.


    Best to get your knee checked out at the doctors if the pain persists. ◡̈

  5. Hi Katiemay! I'm plagiarising my reply to someone who had the same question sometime back:


    The program is designed so that you run 3 times a week, with one day of rest between each run. The idea is so that you're not running consecutive days. I've often done a loose routine of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday depending on my week's schedule and if I'm feeling energetic, I would start the next week on Sunday, or repeat a run if a certain day hasn't gone so well.


    On the rest days, I mostly do nothing(may not be the best idea), or take a 5k walk and/or walk up the stairs to work. Others on this forum utilise the rest day to cross train or do some strength training. You will soon find a rhythm and routine that works for you as you progress. Keep us posted! ◡̈

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