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  1. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    Treadmill miles was 2.4, but that's with walking too.
  2. Wendell

    Mom of Autistic 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl

    Welcome Christie!! You're going to be amazed what this app can do....but you MUST stick with it! Make it a priority in your life, and you'll do great!
  3. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    My first 5k is Thursday morning, and I feel like I can really run it all if I watch my pace. If I have to walk some, I'm ok with that too, but I really am going to try not to.
  4. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    W5D3, done! I NEVER thought I'd be able to run for 20 minutes straight, but when it was over, I'm sure u could have run even farther. The only thing I didn't like about it was I did it on the treadmill, thanks to the 5" of snow we got yesterday. This program really works!
  5. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    Shows how far in the clouds my head has been. 4-7 inches of snow tomorrow. Yuck.
  6. Wendell

    Motivation required

    Speedy, you CAN do this!!! Every week for me, day 2 has been my wall, making me dread day 3, but I PROMISE, you'll be able to do day 3. In fact, I bet when you're done, you'll think you could have run more. Go for it, believe in yourself, and you'll make it! If you're running out of breath, slow down a little. Pace is everything. You've got this!
  7. Wendell

    Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

    I think they will make a big difference. They did with me I know, and I think it's good you got the ones with extra room, because your feet swell a little when you run. I was surprised my right foot swings left of center when I run, something I'm trying hard to correct.
  8. Wendell

    Leaving for Basic Training in 2 Months!

    Thank you both for serving!!!!!
  9. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    W5d2 done, again on the treadmill. I think I was able to fix the problem by tightening the belt? We'll see if it lasts. I was a little initiated by two 8 minute runs, but I did it fairly, and surprisingly, easily. D3 will be a real test for me, but I'm excited about it. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain so I can run outside!
  10. Wendell

    Want the best for my Son

    Congrats Lefty! Every other day is the way to go, I think. That gives your legs time to recover in between, and it's important. Just be sure to not overdo it. Someone on here said there's a difference between sore and hurt. Sore is ok, hurt isn't. Good luck!!
  11. Wendell

    Wow!! Day 2 will be today!!

    I'm gonna try! He runs a 5k in around 19:00 though, but I'm sure he'll back it down for the old man lol
  12. Wendell

    Chronic pain/fibromyalgia?

    Bailly, no joke here, have you ever been tested for Lyme disease?
  13. Wendell

    Wow!! Day 2 will be today!!

    Kenneth, honestly, that's why I'm doing it, too. I'm 44 myself, and my son discovered he loved running cross country this fall. Made varsity as a freshman. So I decided I'm going to run and help him train. He's on crutches for a couple more weeks, so between his setback, and my running through the winter, I'm hoping to be able to stick with him in the spring
  14. Wendell

    New here!

    Brittany, I've always hated running, but with this program, I actually love it! I'm only on week 5, but seriously can't wait for my next run. Don't give up, and you'll amaze yourself. Good luck, and keep us all posted!
  15. Wendell

    Hi I'm new. 8)

    Mat, congrats on putting down the smokes!!! It's hard. I quit last October 30th for the third and last time. Just know you can never have a drag off anything again, or its over. You're stronger than they are!!!!! Good job on getting moving too. Great program, with great support!
  16. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    I ran to the end of the street, about another two minutes, because I know it's a five minute walk back to my houses LOL!
  17. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    W5D1 done. Did it on the treadmill though, and never realized how much I like running outside better. 1:30 left on my last five minute run, and my treadmill shut off!! So I run upstairs, out the front door and down the street. My wife thought I was insane when I came back. My legs felt sooo much better running outside, like I could stretch them out. Hopefully this weather breaks before Thursday.
  18. Wendell

    Don't even think about giving up!

    I still ache a little the mornings after, but it's almost a good ache, like you have after a hard day of work. No pain yet. I'm just looking forward to this next challenge. It's really yucky outside, rainy and around 45, so it may have to wait until tomorrow. :-(
  19. Wendell

    Hi I'm New!

    Day 2's have been that way for me every week from the start lol. It's amazing how it works! Good luck!
  20. Wendell

    Don't even think about giving up!

    Way to go!!! Not giving up is definitely key. I've wanted to a few times myself, and I'm glad I didn't. Keep it up! I'm starting week 5 today, myself
  21. Wendell

    Training For Police Fitness Test

    Breathing is definitely key! I would also recommend going to a running shoe store and have them look at your form. A quality pair of shoes fitted for you make a huge difference also. Good luck on the academy!!
  22. Wendell

    Mom of 4 trying to get in shape

    Congrats on getting started! Biggest thing is, don't give up!!
  23. Wendell

    The mind games i play on myself

    I took this advice and started tacking on extra running at the end. It works!!
  24. Wendell

    Turkey Trot

    Got through it. Not nearly as hard as day two. Nice weather, empty stomach, well hydrated, and focused on my breathing more. Pushed my pace for the last five minutes and felt good afterward. Best thing I did was turn my iPhone over in its case once I started so I couldn't look to see how much time was left. I read that on here, and it was the best advice ever!