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    Just a little about me. 4 years ago I decided I wanted to join the army. I was 270lbs and 5'10 so I had a lot of work to do. Within that year I lived at the gym! Everything I did revolved around the gym. Carbs were a no no and protein was life. I basically stopped eating and only had protein shakes. I lost 100 lbs in a year and I joined the Army 3 years ago. But because of everything I did to get to that point I developed a type of eating disorder that's called exercise bulimia. Instead of puking I would exercise every calorie out so it was actually harmful. Once my trainer made me understand what was happening she said I needed to slow down so I turned to actually puking and turned to laxative. It was a hard battle for me but I did over come it. I still struggle everyday with wanting to do stuff like that again but I'm trying to do everything the healthy way. In January I welcomed a beautiful baby boy and got out the army to raise him. I still haven't lost the last 15 lbs from my pregnancy so I'm hoping this will help me get my run back and my body back. 
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    I loved this app! Today was my 1st day and I'm super excited for my next day. I have chronic widespread pain including fibromyalgia and chronic migraines but I've decided they won't control my life anymore. Ready to be the person I was before the illnesses.... maybe even better than before. 
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    Hi everyone. Im 42yrs old and live in the Highlands of Scotland. I am overweight 16st 9lb (5ft tall) and a size 18. I lost 2 stone last year and was halfway through the C25K when i badly injured my knee in January of this year....shortly after that i had to have surgery and have my appendix removed. I lost all motivation and felt like the world was against me. But....im back and more determined than ever! Ran just short of 1.5 miles tonight on the treadmill (w1d1). Fingers crossed i can achieve my goals this year and run my 1st 5K
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