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    I am redoing week 2, because I had problems finishing the 1.5 min running parts.  Well, surprise suprise!  This week, my redo week, I can actually do the runs!!! Even this morning....at 5:45 and 95 degrees with humidity alread.....I figured I would take it easy and walk most of it.  Well, I did all the running parts.  I am stunned.  But the jump to 3 min. per run for week 3 still seems daunting.
    Sadly, I start back to school next week and I am up at 5am.   I won't run at 4:30am....seems unsafe to me. So that leaves me with afternoons and evenings.  It will be so hot.  Easily 105.  I think I will be doing w2 for about a month!!
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    Hi there!  I am 56 years old and have finished W1D2.  Very new to this.  But surprisingly I am able to do it!  I have never been a runner so maybe this will change.  My motivation is two-fold....I need to hold off Type 2 diabetes, which all of my doctors have said it is not if I become diabetic, but when.    I also want to look good for a family wedding in October.  I am less than 20 pounds overweight, so this should really help.
    My biggest problem I see is going to be finding the time to run.  I am a teacher and I can run now in at 6am.  In Phoenix, Arizona that is important since our temps go up to 118 in the summer.  I will be starting back to work by the end of July and I leave for work at 6:30. I don't know if I will be making myself run at 4:30...in the dark...in the city.  It will be TOO HOT when I get home from work.  So I may have to find a treadmill somewhere.
    Thanks for listening.  I am looking forward to success.
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