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  1. Hi there!! I just wanted to stop by to report that i completed my first 5k in 42 minutes! I feel so happy! I am actually on the 10k program, and it has taken me longer to get there, but, this program is so good, it has really been from the couch to 5k in 13 weeks. No injuries, and feeling so good and strong, despite my lupus! I am going to complete the program to get to run for an hour, i feel i can do anything now

  2. Did w5d1 today and seemed easier than w4. I hope next session (the 8m one) will be ok. During running there is a moment when i a get in a certain rythm of pace and breathing that makes me feel i a can keep on running much more. But doesnt happen all the time

  3. I am starting week 5 tomorrow amd feeli g excited and frightened! I am no t really worried about day one or two, it will be hard but i know i will do it, with some suffering off course. Day 3 seems really daunting! I am trying not to think about it, but it is hard. But everyone who writes about their experience finally manages to survive and finish it, i guess the important thing is to give it a try and try and try until you complete it! Sooooo, this will be week 5 , take 1

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