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    Hoju got a reaction from SteveJ in Week 5 Day 3!   
    30 hours ago I finished W5D2 and beheld the schedule for W5D3 for the first time. My heart sank. I had been doing so well but to go from 8 minutes to 20? Too much! Can't be done! I said.
    I KNEW it would take me weeks to get to 20 minutes.
    It was in those moments of despair that I found this forum. I spent the rest of the night reading your success stories and, boistered by the community of people who like me thought it couldn't be done but managed to pull it off, I resolved to try it.
    2 hours ago I lay in my bed dreading the walk up the stairs to put my running shoes on. My resolve, so strong the night before, fading quickly. 'Maybe I should just take a rest day'. All sorts of excuses and justifications filling my mind. I picked up my phone re-read this thread and hauled my petoot upstairs.
    I did it. First try.
    Even finished with enough energy for a victory dance ... In the street...with my neighbors watching. Who cares!? I slew the dragon! Eat it W5D3! Bring on week 6!!
    Thanks dudes. Thank you so much. Your words and your stories made all the difference in the world. I honestly couldn't have done it without you so I say again, thank you.
    Now, where's my celebratory cookie dough...
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