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  1. Smoothies smoothies smoothies!!! They help with the taste and it's a good way to create a power house of nutrients by combining them. I also suggest Shakeology. It has tons of nutrients and surprisingly has a good taste (I like the chocolate flavor but there are many others to choose from)-- It is a little on the expensive side though so be careful. Supplements are all well but I still suggest throwing in some "non powder" veggies. If you keep eating something you don't like, your body will eventually grow to like the taste. I used to hate salmon, but I had heard so many good things about its nutritional value! I really wanted this in my diet! It took a while, but after forcing it down once a week I actually started to like it. Hope this helps Clare and good luck!!!

  2. Alright... So recently I had surgery on my ankle and now gaining the strength back from the operation my physical therapist has recommended barefoot running. I noticed that there was barefoot running sneakers that would shield your foot from rocks etc. although it's a little on the expensive side. Is it really worth it to get this product? Have you had a good experience with them? Is going completely barefoot better?

  3. I think it depends on each individual. Right now I am drinking over 8 (16 oz.) water bottles a day because of low blood sugar problems. If I don't do that it will effect my energy levels drastically and I feel just just like lead in workouts. Just my genes... I suggest find out what works out for you. Hope this helps!!!

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