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    I originally downloaded this app in 2017 and gave up early. But January this year I got a super supportive sports bra, tight compression pants (I hate bouncing) and a no excuses attitude. My calendar says run, I run (rain...I run wet, sun...I still run wet cause of the sweat). Like silver Pi, I walk during run times if I have to but I repeat weeks until I can do the whole week running during the run time. And guess what I did today? I ran a full 5k even though the app said stop running, I hadn’t reached the 5k distance yet. So I kept running for 10 more minutes after the app said stop. I ran slow but I ran 5k. Distance on picture does not reflect ten minutes beyond end of C25k workout.
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    I reacted to your post with a trophy because I thought you deserve one. That is so awesome! You give hope to the rest of us. I'm still running a minute (or, if I'm lucky, a minute-and-a-half) at a time. My 5K is just under three weeks away, and I'm pretty sure I won't be running much of it. You still give me hope that, at some point, it may be possible to run 5 or 10 or even more minutes all at once. Thank you for that.
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    Finished c25k 3 weeks ago.

    I finished the c25k app 3 weeks ago. Felt great to finish, but you know what? It feels even greater to keep with it. I have gone back a few weeks and started running for the distance and not the time. It has kept me going with a steady progression and now I absolutely feel ready to start week 9 of the c210k app! My first 5k will be March 23! I love running! My husband has also started running and that makes me happy!! Keep running everyone!!
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    Completed 30 mins. Thanks C25K

    HI .. I just completed week 5 yesterday and totally agree with you that it was the toughest. The idea of 20 mins jog without break petrified me through out the week. The 5 mins and 8 mins runs were difficult but was proud to complete the 20 mins jog with yes a 30 sec walk. Did not think I could do it but did so. Pace of my work out is also almost same as you and probably tad slower. Now that I crossed week 5 last day I do believe that I have at in me to finish the course. My goal is also the same as yours ie finish 5K in under 40 mins and then work my way to reduce time from there. I am aiming to participate in a 5K run by middle of Feb if n only if can start to run in under 40 mins. I am also after the runs doing strength training at my local gym but need to up my game in same. Maybe we can share info n data with each other to keep ourselves motivated and better advised.