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    I’m new to running and I finished week 1 day 2 and I’m actually looking forward to day 3! Never thought I’d say that!
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    Week 3 Day 3 ugh

    That's true - small successes are still successes.
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    Week 3 Day 3 ugh

    Went back to Week 2 Day 3 this morning. Week 3 was just too much and I was walking more than running. I figured at least with week 2 I was completing all the running. One thing I have been trying to do is remind myself even small successes are successes.... it is still tough some days. Today is one of them.
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    I Can Do This

    My morning coffee while I watch the news is an indulgence I just can't give up The other stuff, no big deal, but I'll keep the coffee lol
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