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    Training for the Bubble 5k

    Started training yesterday for the Bubble Run on 4/20. Glad to be here and meet others.
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    Completed the program!!! It works.

    It took me a bit longer than the actual plan most likely since I am a former smoker. Tonight I completed 3.2 miles and I have lost 25lbs in the process.
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    Completed C25K

    Awesome story..I hope to run a 5k too. Thanks for sharing.
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    Week 3 Day 3 ugh

    Thanks. This morning, the app said to run 3 min, rest, then 5 minutes. Not doable at this time, so I reset the whole thing and did week 1 day 1. The positive thing is that 1 minute seems very doable, almost easy, so there has been improvement since the first week 1 day 1, 6 weeks ago. Let us know how week 3 goes this week.
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    Completed C25K

    Wow! Your experience is so encouraging. Keep up the great work.
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