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    Find Your Inspiration Here!

    Check out the Facebook Success Stories album, to read some amazing stories from users like yourself, who overcame all sorts of obstacles to achieve their fitness goals! http://goo.gl/EahJCj Feel free to share your story/photo in this forum. Your inspiration goes a long way! The greatest wealth is health!
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    I just gave birth to my son 10 weeks ago. I am so excited to get back into running. I am so happ there is a community on this app. I am sure it will keep me motivated not to miss a workout.
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    Just completed W6D2 and I ran when I was told and walked when I was told which is good. Unfortunately, I still don't have the distance. My 5k isn't until November, but I worry about my speed and wonder if I'll ever finish a 5k in 40 minutes? Additionally map my run and runkeeper apps record greater distance than c25k. Any ideas what's going on?
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    Psyching My-Newbie-Self Up!

    GO LAURA!!!
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    I Have Never Run In My Life

    I have never ever run in my life. I don't even exercise. I have a big family and many of them are runners (4 of them are running the Caldera Triple right now). My family makes fun of me for eating junk food and not exercising all the time and I'm so sick of it. I plan to run at night because I don't want them making fun of me if they find out I'm trying. So, as I run in secret, I hope this app and this community helps!
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    Find Your Inspiration Here!

    Today is the first step to improving my health and fitness....I'm focusing on squats and situps to tone and build muscles in that area of my body
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