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    Does it get easier?

    What I like about this program is small goals every week.When I started I choose very small pace for both walk and run. I was so afraid of failing....After week 5 I was sure that I can finish the program and at the end of the week 7 I started making 5k distance every time. Now it is week 8 and I slowly increasing my pace. I am 55, obese (BMI 32.2), high blood pressure and sugar, back pain and other stuff. So the program is doable even for me. Stick to the program, but listen to your body (and ignore your mind ). If you cannot run - walk. it is better then sitting.
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    Difficulty moving on each week...

    Ugh. I am new to running and have been doing the program and moving forward with each week. I just started week 4 today and it was very difficult. I did the first 3/5/3 but couldn't do the last 5 so I walked it as fast as I could. I feel like from week 3 to 4 was too big of a jump for me. Any suggestions? I was feeling great but today left me feeling like a failure and questioning whether I can really do this or not.
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    Speeding sloth, I have to tell you: don't give up but do slow down, if both your knees are hurting, take a few more days until pain is gone, it won't do you any good to run like this. That's exactly what I have done thorough out this program, I began running x3 a week, then when my legs were sore I reduced it to x2 or sometimes even just x1 run a week when required due to soreness, listen to your body, give it a rest, this is all new for our bodies, too fast too soon and you'll have to stop all together, and you'll regret it, I stopped at week 9 of the app as I found that stopping for a minute walk didn't do any good for me, and from then on I just worked by kilometres, did a few 6 km runs , 7 km, 7 km where half the route was going up and the other half down, and then 10k! So much fun! Have you heard of a tape that runners put on their knees?
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