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  1. Choriste

    It's not killing me!

    Just started today. I'm 49 and 100 pounds overweight. I got through half day 1 and am pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to getting better!
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  2. TarrynGrial


    I understand where you are coming from there. I'm from the southern part of the U.S., and summers can be unbearable on a good day. Treadmills do propel you forward and have a bit more give when you run on them. If you are training for a race sometime soon, then it may help to run outside as much as you can to get used to the terrain and weather. If you're not and using this as an exercise program, you should be fine. I wouldn't worry about losing progress for the two weeks you need to use it. It may even help with speed and maintaining a steady pace. I know I have issues when running outside making sure I'm keeping my pace constant.
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  3. Janviv

    Older runners

    I'm 66, started from the couch & took 4 months to finish, to be honest I cannot run a 5k without a few breathing stops. Keep going at your own pace & enjoy getting fitter.
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  4. Hi, kidreader! I run on a treadmill so I place my phone in front of me. I try not to look down at the phone the entire time as that strains my neck - look straight ahead and slightly up to keep your neck comfortable. If you're going to put your phone in your pocket or hold it in your hand, tap the lock symbol to keep from accidentally tapping any keys. You'll want to keep the app open in the foreground and NOT in sleep mode in order to receive the voice prompts. One thing that really helped me was setting the jogging pace slow where you are able to talk, but not sing. Good luck and let us know how your first workout goes!
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