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  1. SteveJ

    First 5K - success!

    Ran my first 5K today - had to walk one short stint as I hadn't been training for hills and one got me, but I made good time for how I've been running. Broke 35 minutes (by one second
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  2. I love ice cream. And chocolate. And pretty much anything loaded with sugar. Especially during a certain week of the month, but I have managed to stay clean for the past 3 weeks!! I have times where I crave sweets so badly my mouth waters, and when the cravings hit, I blend. I have a few of the core power drinks stocked in the fridge, some Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and ground almonds. Core power has 26g of protein and comes in several flavors, like banana, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry banana. With the banana I chunk up some fresh bananas, grab a little container of vanilla Greek
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  4. JetGirl

    Who Inspires You?

    Thank you, KellyAnn!
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