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    Day 1

    Hi all my name is Jonathan and I am 40 years old and ready to lose some weight. Going to work on this one day at a time.
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    Post back surgery run (Newbie)

    So I am very new to this app and I've never done anything like this before. I used to be a cross country runner number one in track and volleyball. After coming to college I gained some weight and my motivation for sports went away. Then just a year ago I broke my spine and crushed the right side of my body in an accident. It's been a year and I have almost fully recovered I even began boxing classes to help regain some strength in my back. I want to start running again to lose the 60+ lbs I gained during college so my question is did any of you see really great results after finishing or even beginning? I know running is of course always good for losing weight but I'm afraid after many attempts at trying to lose the weight it won't happen :/ I need lots of motivation and I don't know where to find it!
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    Get your hands off that phone!

    This is a great tip. I'm so guilty of looking at the I have left which does cause me lose focus on the rhythm of my running.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Trish. Thank you so much for such encouraging words. I truly appreciate it.Camp Gladiator is almost like a boot caMp. You can go online as well as go to youtube and check them out. I really enjoy it to get a full workout as a group.It is very intense and it's a four week process and you will get a full body workout for sure with great qualified instructors.
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    Your PUSH song(s)?

    Lately it's Immortals by Fall Out Boy, but it changes periodically.
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    Your PUSH song(s)?

    Take That 'Shine'. It's my 'I'm getting that job at the interview '/ 'My baby's coming home from hospital '/ 'I can finish writing that essay'/ 'if I can do all that, surely I can do a bit of running ' song!
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