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  1. Lucyf415

    Freaking out

    im new to this.. Just completed week1day2... Currently looking at workouts to come in week 3 and 4 and I'm freaking out already thinking I won't be able to do it!! Ahhhh
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  2. MizRunner

    Pins & needles

    Did you get fitted for shoes at a running store or by someone who is experienced in fitting shoes for runners? You probably need a wider toe box or wider shoe. Our feet swell when we run, I used to have a lot of issues with my feet until I finally found the right shoe for me. I ran 5 half marathons between November 2014 and January 2015, then I had to take several months off because my feet couldn't take it. I had even been fitted for shoes twice before, second time I got put in a wide shoe which helped. Third time was the charm, a few months ago I got a shoe with both a wide toe box and more cushioned shoe and now I'm training again for two half marathons this fall and a full marathon in January. The right shoe made all of the difference!
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  3. Hi! Oh man you've been here? Cool haha well I hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed all that our little Caribbean jewel had to offer.. like the pretty islands, the reef, and the Maya temples? I hope you got to see those. Can't say you've truly been to Belize without seeing those ;P Where are you from? Wait, you can post pictures here? How? Is this a website too then? Not that I'd be able to post any pictures of "where I run" since I run on a treadmill at home... hahaha I'll try the outdoor running some day though... I mean I have to if I want to be a hardcore runner. About my journey... I just joined the track team for my university. I'll try my best but I just hope I don't keep everyone back hahaha Thanks!
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  4. Ysseile

    Week 5 Day 3!

    great job! And thanks for the kind words of inspiration-completely what I needed today!
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