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    ok well im on week 5 day 1, completed it this morning, it wasn't too bad, week 4 was harder. Got aches in my back, calves, and now outside my right foot, gotta smile though my body is coping well carrying all that weight. not noticed any difference in body measurements yet but i definitely feel better, and the high after completing each day is superb. its funny i always post how im dreading tomorrow and then i complete it anyway, fair enough its hard but its only 1 minute at a time, one section at a time, one day at a time. i know how hard it can be to have to restart from the begining so thats what is keeping me going, i am aware that at some stage i may have to repeat a week but thats not a fail. i remember from my fit days 20 years ago how much i loved being fit and how much energy i had and i need that back.
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    I started C25K on 5/28/15 and today finally ran the dreaded 20 minutes! It wasn't fast, but I didn't stop. I have been dreading this day for weeks now and delaying it for a dozen different reasons, but I am so glad I did it. This was my first attempt, too! Last year, at age 40, I weighed 253 lbs and hadn't exercised in at least 20 years. I quit smoking 10 years ago in May and started making conscious food choices last August (I now have a 200+ day streak on MyFitnessPal). This year at 41, I am down 73 lbs and running (or slow jogging anyway). If I can do it, so can you! Next 4th of July, I'm going to run a 10k with my dad, and I intend to place well!
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    Question about Week 5 day 3

    Oh Tiff, no way, DO NOT BE AFRAID, you can do it!!!! Start it and go! You will be surprised!!! Let us know!
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    Starting again

    Thanks for the welcome
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    How many days???

    Hi there, I have couple of questions... First... When I get to 5 min cool down I still find my self wanting to do more! Is it okay to still walk or run for another 5-10 minutes? Second... Is it okay to do more than 3 days a week? I feel like doing it 6-7 days... Thanks much
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    How many days???

    If I understand correctly, you can do 3-6 times a week. Just make sure you take one day off to rest your mussles! I'm sure TrishE will correct me here if I'm wrong!
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    Roman Soldier

    just really excited

    Your doing well, I'm a few days in front of you and yes it requires some hard work but it's definitely not as hard as you think. I've noticed my max heart rate has dropped and the recovery is faster.