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  1. cube68

    Hello New Life

    Been a fat kid all my life, had vertical sleeve surgery 2 months ago, down from 269lbs to 196lbs! Still have 25 lbs to go. Have always wanted to be a runner, so at 46 years old, I am starting my new life! My 9 year old daughter signed up for Girls On The Run, and I agreed to be her running buddy for their 5K in May. It will be a first for both of us! We also are pre-registered for a Color Vibe 5K in July. My real goal is to complete a Tough Mudder in the summer of 2016. This is my new life, #EveryMomentCounts
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  2. Mea Mia

    Too old for this???

    Welcome! You're never too old to try something new, you've got this!
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  3. AgentP

    Say it, do it...hopefully

    W6d1 today. Yay getting faster. Loved that having done 20mins last week this one seemed a breeze, in my mind anyway. Legs still felt a bit heavy on the last 5 mins, and I have to keep telling myself to straighten up when I'm getting tired. I am actually looking forward to week 7. Yes I've gone mad!!! I am a (poorly postured and very slow) RUNNER!!
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  4. Hi JOJO, Welcome on here and proud of you for getting up off of the couch, you can do it! WOOTWOOT! We are here cheering you on!
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  5. Azatol

    Ready to get in shape

    Welcome and have fun. Great hobby!!
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