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  1. It's okay - we all get frustrated with ourselves every now and then. Forgive yourself for quitting and tell your thoughts "never again." Have you tried listening to your favorite music while running? My brain HATES to run, and I always have to trick myself into continuing and not giving up on myself. I've found distraction with my favorite songs or a good audio book usually help. Or even find a running buddy you can trust to push you just enough to keep you going.
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  2. sdbeachgirl

    foot numbness

    Could be something going on with your circulation. Since you've already tried getting better shoes, I suggest 1) try a workout on the treadmill and see if the same thing happens, and 2) go back to the shoe store where you got fitted to see what they might suggest. If neither of those work, go visit your doc to rule out anything serious. I had this happen to me before while doing some at-home workouts and it was my shoes :\ Hope you get it figured out soon! Keep us posted.
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  3. sdbeachgirl

    C25k to C210k

    I live in California (San Diego). We don't get any "real" weather here most of the time
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