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  2. Urikar released a brand new percussion gun - Pro 3 recently. This massage gun uses a high-torque brushless motor equipped with QuietPower™ 2.0 technology, which quietly delivers up to 45lbs of no-install force at up 3400 rpm and stimulates muscle groups to a depth of 14mm. It quickly relieves muscle tension, promotes circulation, greatly accelerates muscle recovery, and brings deep-level comfort. Also, the most important feature that set Urikar Pro 3 apart from competitors is the 30 speed levels. Pro 3 provides 30 speed levels ranging between 1800-3400rpm. Whether it's for muscle relaxati
  3. Hello, I have started to run again. I want to be able to run for long periods of time and with a better timing which is my goal. My goal is to become better at running because my future career depends on it. I was wondering who has completed this program and how was it?
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  5. I’m signed up for a half in January. Right now I’m working through the 5K plan. Once I finish that should I start 10K, then the 1/2 plan or is it going to be like starting at square 1 again?
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  7. Can someone tell me how to map out a run before you get started?
  8. How do you know what days to run in the week? After running my first day, when do I start my next one?
  9. Same. My goal is to lose 20lbs & be able to run without stopping. Eventually I’d like to run a 5k
  10. I am 45 years old and started eating cheezits or goldfish on the drive home from work. My left arm and left hand now tingle most of the day. This tingle started yesterday. Today I left the salty snacks at home and have unsalted sunflower seeds as after work snack. Good, right?
  11. Body building Strategy Training - First thing to keep in mind that rest and recovery is also important. So train around 4–5 days a week. Don't train everyday. Don't overtrain. Now coming to rep range - You should be doing 8–15 reps during weight training. Also its mandatory to do some warm up exercises before every heavy workout to avoid injury. Some stretching post workout will help relax muscles and reduce soreness. Two Myths of Training: DON'T DO CARDIO AND DON'T WORKOUT ABS THIS IS A MYTH.. DON'T FOLLOW THIS. Now let me explain the facts. It is recomme
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  13. I’m nervous about starting this program. I think I’ve finally admitted to myself that I gained a few pounds and I’m not longer the fit, cross-country runner I used to be in high school. My goals are: - lose 25 pounds in the next 3 months - build your confidence - slim down thighs and calves a little - be able to run 30 minutes without stopping. Anyone else on here gain the freshmen 15 (or more in my case) and looking to work it off?
  14. http://adfoc.us/6271521
  15. If there is one exercise we all love to hate and hate to love it is this one. A plank is a simple effective body weight exercise that requires no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere [well use your judgement ]. Holding your body [ light as a feather] stiff as a board develops strength primarily in your core - the muscle that connects your upper body and lower body as well as your shoulders, arms. For more planking tutorials refer to video playlist below: 1. http://adfoc.us/6271001 2. http://adfoc.us/62710078693994 3. http://adfoc.us/62710078694026 4.
  16. Hi Angus, I just completed the 5km training but with speed am still way behind you. I’m way older though (my defense). If you are going for endurance then I reckon slow down and concentrate on doing and completing the program. It really does work. 3 times a week, every 2nd day. Congratulations on the weight loss so far, keep it up. I’m starting the 10km app today so hopefully I stay the course. All the best on your journey!
  17. Give complete employee healthcare to your team which includes products like group health insurance, discounted medicine, teleconsultation etc.
  18. Hello! I started running today. I didn't finish day one. I ran for about 3 minutes all up. The dog was getting in the way, there were other people and my breath was getting heavy. I'll keep trying day one until I complete it. Is that the normal thing to do?
  19. I am really scared of week 5 day 3. I completed week 5 day 2 this morning. Viktor
  20. So i originally posted this on another forum and the advice I got was to get on this app. So here goes; I hope I'm in the right place. I just need some support I think. So I've been struggling with mental health for most of my life and about 4 years ago I turned everything around: I went through loads of therapy, had an ok amount of ups and a ridiculous amount of downs. Other things happened too: I had a baby, changed my career (started school again in my 30s), and am now about to move to a new place. Long story short, I am working on myself--a lot. And i am determined. I've
  21. Tali

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    Hey! so I’m new, tried the app for the first time and it went fine. however now I’m realizing that no where in the app does it tell you what to do next. There are no elaborate instructions (e.g now you stop for a day and then run again) or anything else. Can you give me the basics or direct me towards where they are in the app? Thanks Tali
  22. Hi new here! Who needs a work out fitness partner?!
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  24. https://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/forum/18-muscle-workouts-cross-training/?do=add#
  25. Urikar’s New High-Power Yet Ultra Quiet Massager Gun PRO 3 Hit the Market Last week, Urikar, an industry leader in percussive therapy, has rolled out a new massage gun - Pro 3 with a focus on high power and quiet operation. This professional percussive massage gun uses high-performance brushless motors to provide deep penetrating massage to overcome muscle soreness, relieve muscle tension and accelerate muscle recovery. All with this smart, powerful and ultra-quiet hand-held massager. And there comes a first impression video about the tech behind PRO 3: https://youtu.be/8kv3neQT5qo
  26. In order to access the music, do you have to be actively running? Or can you just play music through the app anytime you want?
  27. Not really looking to lose any weight here, just want to tone up the little muscle that I have, and also get rid of all the unhealthy stuff I’ve done to my body in the last 50 years. Dr. tells me I need to lower my cholesterol as well. I figured this would be a good way to do it.
  28. I love my fanny pack. I feel lost when I use my pockets.
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