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  3. I am looking for a treadmill. Can anyone help me? Where should I get a treadmill?
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  5. I prefer crossfit and bodybuilding. I also start use crazy bulk dbal nutrition. Review for you healthylifestylecommunity.org/mn-crazy-bulk-dbal-review
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  7. literally having this same issue. so frustrated bc i’m paying a subscription. it worked in my GPS series AW 3...but now won’t work my cellular AW 6. i get the same message as you.
  8. How do I change it from saying “run 2.5 miles” to KM’s? Don’t want to have to keep figuring out what the KM equivalent is
  9. So I have just changed from a Series 4 Apple Watch to a Series 6. I pay the monthly sub which rolls tomorrow. In the Apple Watch app I can only add the free C25K app to the watch and this causes a You need to subscribe on your paired device to enable the watch app. Any help appreciated.
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  11. I had the same question and discovered that you need to double tap the day to mark it complete.
  12. First post so hi everyone. had two questions 1. Exactly what features does the 4.99/month pro feature get? 2. does this app have stats on runs? many thanks
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  15. This was my exact question and I am encouraged by your progress, thank you!!
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  18. Yeah, I’ve wondered the same thing about wanting to use the distance suggestions rather than time because many new runners aren't running at 6mph but haven’t found an effective way to do so unless I use a treadmill and track it myself. I’ve done C25K with friends multiple times (just finished my fourth go), and not once have they bee able to complete a 30min 5K so when it came down to race day, they were stuck jogging for 40+ minutes.
  19. Over a year after the original post, I am sitting here on the couch after completing my first day, and reading through this thread is an absolute life saver. Thank you all for your tips and encouragement. Really looking forward to the day when running becomes less exhausting
  20. So happy to hear about your progress, Drum Dave! I just downloaded this app and did my first Day today. I definitely had trouble with it, and had to skip one of the runs because I was so out of breath, but it’s so great to see what persistence allowed you to do! Really motivates me to keep at this.
  21. I am 5'8". 260 lbs. 41 yrs. Never ever had more than a 500 m jog in my life. Inactive for years. No idea where to begin.
  22. I’m so glad it’s not just me! wk7day1 run today was HARD. Sheer willpower was the difference between finishing and quitting. Hoping my next run is better for me like your experience!
  23. Hey guys, After running my first marathon a couple of years ago (and feeling amazing), I have to admit that whilst I kept the running up last year I got lazy with pushing myself. 2012 is all about getting back to a point when I can race competitively. I'm upping the ante with my running sessions, but I don't want to end up over-training so need to mix it up with some other sports / activities... which is something this girl has never been good at actually doing. So inspire me Reddit.... what do you do to mix things up with your training?https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ https://happymod.site/
  24. Today I'm officially down 50 lbs! About a year ago I started a Keto diet and walking. Starting at 275 the weight came off pretty fast fast at first and I found it was pretty easy. I just cut out carbs, at mostly meat, and didn't worry about tracking much other than how much I was walking. Then I stalled around 5 months in when Covid hit. I was stuck at 237. Because of the initial Covid fear, I started using weights instead of walking, and my scale didn't move at all for those few months. Then I injured my back doing deadlifts incorrectly and was out ANOTHER few months. But then 3 1/2 months ago I started walking again and it still was barely coming off. I decided to start counting my calories and found out I was DRASTICALLY coming in under my caloric amount. Typically around 1100 when I should have been doing 1600. I started eating more and it started coming off again. Today I track what I eat almost every day, once you get into a groove it's pretty much the same, and hit 50 lbs off! Can't believe that I'm finally here but I can't wait to keep losing! https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps
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    Treadmill beginner help

    Hi I have checked the settings looking for the units, but this is not an option on the zen labs c25k I have?? Any suggestions? TIA
  26. I’m about to start week 4 and am wondering if my pace is suppose to b getting better each week? This week seems to be a big increase in run time and want to make sure I’m improving like I’m suppose to.
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  29. Hi everyone! I am Elesha. I am new to this app and I am trying to get back into running again. I used to run 7 miles. Now I am winded doing 2. So, I am going to trust the system/process. I posted this in the beginner section, but is there a spot on the app that shows your progress? I used my watch, but when I logged in to the app on my phone, it still shows day 1. I am sure it isn't a big deal.
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